Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Girl Effect

Ok - so I haven't been posting every day... I guess that means I'm busier than I thought? Those who know me might laugh - or not. The truth is if I'm not working I'm knitting - and those two things don't go well with posting on a blog!

Sometimes you see things that change the way you think... they change the way you feel about the world, the way you see the world and the way you relate to the world. The first time I saw body bags coming off of an airplane totally changed the way I viewed the world. I think I might have been 6 at the time.. that one event shaped the way I have thought my whole life...

There have been many such things that have done that...when I saw pictures of the Holocaust the first time I saw someone who had AIDs... the first time I saw the women and children of Darfur... these are just a few- but ones that stay in the forefront of my mind.

Today I saw something that I thought - wow- this is awesome! I have to share it with you and I hope that you will find something in it that makes you feel something, and that you will not only share it with others, but that it will move you to do something, anything - even if it's just one small thing that changes the life of just one girl.

It's called The Girl Effect.

And once you are convinced that the Girl Effect is true - check this site out - Global ... the smallest amount will change the world!!

And even though the world is a mess right now... and our country is turbulant... it's still a beautiful place and there are still wonderful people in the world. Let's all do something, one thing, one small thing to show that one person - one girl - can make a difference!!