Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Time Flies and Life is Too Short

Where does the time go??? How is it that the days pass by so quickly? It amazes me how fast time flies and there is just not enough time in each day to do all the things I want to do.

If you re-read that last sentence you will see something - I said - there is not enough time to do all the things I WANT to do... and really there is not enough time to do all the things I should do because quite often I am too busy doing things I want to do and not what I should do. Life is too short to clean and so I more often than not choose to knit instead of doing what I should. But lately I'm looking around the house and thinking I should set the needles down and do some cleaning... stay tuned to see if it happens because you certainly will not be invited over to see!

Yesterday was five years since my mom went to sleep.. How is it that it's been five years? I feel for my dad who loved my mom so much... after over 50 years together how do you go on without your soul mate? I can't imagine my life with out my OAO and it hasn't even been 20 years yet...

I miss my mom. I wish that she had lived long enough to see me knit. I think she would have liked that. I wish that she had been around to see daughter #1 get married last year... and I wish that she was around so I could call her when I worry about my son in law's health... I can't say my mom was great at giving advice - and our relationship was always just a little more "strained" than not... but I really learned to forgive her as she battled cancer - especially during the last week when she was there but not... and my heart broke more than I ever think it ever has. I watched her slowly dying and knew that so many words would never, ever be said and that's what was so horrible... I would never be able to make peace with her - the alive her. It's taken me five years to not think of her dying every time I think of her - I now think of her when she was alive - and that is a very good thing - to think of the alive mom, the mom who always did what she should have done, not what she wanted to do... That is definatley one way that we are not alike at all. While she always chose to clean, I will always choose to knit! I wonder - if she had to do it all again if she would have taken more time to do the things she wanted to do instead of the things she should have done... but I have a feeling she would say - I wanted to clean, that's what I enjoyed! And that makes me shake my head and smile and miss my mom.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Girl Effect

Ok - so I haven't been posting every day... I guess that means I'm busier than I thought? Those who know me might laugh - or not. The truth is if I'm not working I'm knitting - and those two things don't go well with posting on a blog!

Sometimes you see things that change the way you think... they change the way you feel about the world, the way you see the world and the way you relate to the world. The first time I saw body bags coming off of an airplane totally changed the way I viewed the world. I think I might have been 6 at the time.. that one event shaped the way I have thought my whole life...

There have been many such things that have done that...when I saw pictures of the Holocaust the first time I saw someone who had AIDs... the first time I saw the women and children of Darfur... these are just a few- but ones that stay in the forefront of my mind.

Today I saw something that I thought - wow- this is awesome! I have to share it with you and I hope that you will find something in it that makes you feel something, and that you will not only share it with others, but that it will move you to do something, anything - even if it's just one small thing that changes the life of just one girl.

It's called The Girl Effect.

And once you are convinced that the Girl Effect is true - check this site out - Global Living.org ... the smallest amount will change the world!!

And even though the world is a mess right now... and our country is turbulant... it's still a beautiful place and there are still wonderful people in the world. Let's all do something, one thing, one small thing to show that one person - one girl - can make a difference!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Not enough hours for all these crafts

I think when I get to heaven - and I've been there for a long, long time and we finally get to the point where we can do all the things that give us joy I think that I will be doing crafts! (granted I have no idea how long that will take - and this is totally not according to the Bible!!) There just is not enough time in the day to do all I want to do... and not only that - I need to learn a few things before I can actually do some of the crafts I want to do.

I must have some type of "create" gene in me... that just seems to be all I want to do. And I've always been this way! I can remember as a small child I was always making and creating... I was fortunate to grow up for the first several years in a neighborhood where the moms all stayed home and all the kids put on carnivals, plays and sell stuff on the corner! Those were the days! I guess that is where I got my love of acting. And then there was making stuff! One of my most favorite books was a thick hard cover book with a yellow cover. I still have this book although I can't remember what the name is. But - I'll look later. I've been meaning to look through it - it's a craft book with all types of crafts that kids did in the 50's & 60's. Yes - I am from that genre!! I loved that book and made things in that book for almost my whole life, but I haven't looked at it since the girls were younger - so it's time to get it out and see if there is anything to revive.

Here is stuff I would love to share with you today - here goes!

Have you seen this!! This is something that I would have actually skipped about my room if I had seen this when I was 5!! And really - when I saw this I did a little mental skipping about!! How unbelievably fun!!! Make your own Hermes purse! You'll need to click on this little picture when you're on their site to get to it though!! If you have a little girl - or are a little girl at heart - make one for yourself!
Beautiful yarn!! I will buy some but I'm putting it on my wish list first - and I'll share what my wish list is all about tomorrow. Argosy Luxury Yarns
Have you seen this yarn? Sounds gorgeous! I'm going to order a skein or two and I'll let you know what I think - but check it out: I wish I could show you a picture of this stuff!
Just one type they carry - look at the make up of this!
Jo Jo 80% Extra fine Merino, 10% Cashmere, 10% Angora, DK Weight, Approx. 200 yards, Needle # 5-7$13.00 per skein
Really wonderful graphic ornaments - Briar Press

You can join for free and download over 500 various ornaments for scrapbooking, digital graphics or for whatever craft you have in mind! And I have a few I want to use!!

And to finish this off - I found another site that has some great super cool ideas - Curbly.
On Curbly you'll find crafty ideas and all kinds of stuff to add to you Wists or to an actual Wish list. Remember - tomorrow I'll clue you in on that! I might even put the brand new gift from Shmoop to use!!

Here's a great quote for today: The only people who find what they are looking for in life are the fault finders. - Foster's Law

This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.
1 John 4:10

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So it's been almost a year...

Alright... it's been almost a year... what can I say? We are all so well intentioned and then life gets in the way... and then you realize "I haven't posted on my blog for almost a year!".

Last night I got the most lovely gift - a digital camera!!! I've been wanting my own for the longest time... that way I don't have to say to MOAO - "Can I use your camera?" or "Are there batteries in your camera?" He was soooo sweet and decided to give me a little "I love you surprise". How nice!! Usually it's candy or some other fun little toy or something he knows will put a smile on my face... this - this put a huge smile on my face!! So now - perhaps I will post to the blog periodically and put pictures on here!! Wow!!! I can document my knitting... you won't know what hit you!!

Here are the current things I'm knitting - pictures to follow!! (how exciting!)
  • February Lady Sweater - almost done!
  • The shawl which always changes! (So far I've started a lace shawl about 12 times... different yarn -well same yarn, but different color... mainly yellow for those who know me!! But I've cast on at least 10 different patterns... right now it's a mix or Kiri & the Blue Jeans Lace Leaf shawl) {Something is wrong with me!}
  • 2 socks on one needle - Why do I do that? I never finish them! But this time... I will!

So there you have it! Do check back - you might just find out that it hasn't been a year!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Life is strange...

I don't write here very often... more things to do I guess that keep me too busy? But thought I'd better do a little updating... Life is strange... that is all I can say to start this off...

Yesterday - 7 years ago our house burned down while we were on vacation and all our pets were killed in the fire... a total tragedy that seems like yesterday. I can remember every detail of that weekend... and the weeks that followed... and the horrible grief of losing our loving pets... all of the "stuff" can be replaced - but the pets... well, time goes on and you get new ones - but they are not the same. They have not replaced the old ones. You love them tons and tons - but you still miss the others.

Well - yesterday, J's rat, Ruby, died. 7 years to the day... she lost her beloved Hekekiah 7 years ago and now - Ruby... it's so unfortunate that J is in Hawaii and was not here to be with Ruby in her last hours. She was so afraid that Ruby would not make it the 5 months she'll be gone. Ruby had a tumor that was growing leaps and bounds - but it didn't seem to slow her down - at all. And then, she was gone. We had a little funeral for her in the back yard - the man cried and cried as he loved Ruby just as much as J did... life is strange... and what is with July 21st??

On the knitting front... I have worked and worked on that darn U-shaped vest from Fitted Knits and was actually begining to get close to the end... and then I tried it on. It was HUGE!!! So - I ripped it all out!!! ugh... I hate that!! I'm not sure if it was me thinking I should knit one size or if it was really the wrong size pattern? I should have measured before I ripped -but I was bummed out! So - I think I will set that pattern aside for a bit and work on something else... I hate that!!

On the rest of my life front... I've got exciting news and things going on... can't spill the beans yet - and those that "know" me - already know anyhow... but my life could involve lots and lots of yarn and that is very, very exciting... I am praying and praying and trying to listen to the Lord's leading so that I don't make any major life mistakes - again!

I'm missing the girls something fierce... but I am glad they are together and doing things that young women their age should be doing - living life in an exotic place and having a good time. And it's so nice that they are together!! But - I miss them and the house is to - to - to quiet!!

Well - there you go... that's what's been going on...

Verse for the day:

We are made right in God's sight when we trust in Jesus Christ to take away our sins. And we all can be saved in this same way, no matter who we are or what we have done. Romans 3:22 NLT

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Just catching up!

The Shower:
Well - we had the shower!! It turned out fantastic... the food I made was delicious!! I made two different quiches, a spinich & feta one and then a sundried tomatoe one.... I also made the most fantastic fruit salsa and cinnamon chips to dip in it!!! I will be making that for every party for the rest of my life I think! I'll have to post it on here just in case someone ever reads this and wants it! Ha!!

The daughter got a lot of nice gifts and many gift cards so they could buy whatever they wanted/needed. Which was great! Now daughter #2 is going to go to Hawaii to live with her sister for the summer - I guess untill the wedding... she's also taking her BFF... and they will have a blast living in Hawaii!! My feeling is - do it while you are young and have no responsibilities!! Wish I had done that when I was that age - but no - I had to get married...

I'm currently knitting the Back to School U-Shaped Vest from Fitted Knits. I'm using LOVE - which is silk/bamboo. I love it! It's really soft and looks great - with just enough shine... should be beautifull when it's done - and I'll be able to wear it year round. It was supposed to be knit in wool - but I just could not bring myself to do that right now in this heat! I'm also trying to finish the Razor Cami so that Daughter #2 can take it to Hawaii with her. I had messed it up while sleeping while knitting - and so I had to tink back several rows... so I set it aside for awhile... but now - I'm motivated to Get It Done!

Verse for the day:
"Let those who know what you're all about tell the world you're great and not quitting. And me? I'm a mess. I'm nothing and have nothing; make something of me. You can do it; You've got what it takes - but God, don't put it off." end of Psalm 40

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I'm so excited!!

I just can't hide it... everyone - sing along!!

I am so excited!! My sweet thing daughter #1 is coming home!!! She's bringing her chefiance' home with her - and they'll be staying the week! It's been a while since we've seen them and I miss her horribly. We'll be doing a bridal shower for her and the RSVP's are trickling in.

I have to wonder - do people even RSVP anymore? Most people believe that the RSVP does not apply to them - it's for other people - because really now - "you knew I was coming. How could you think I wasn't? I didn't need to RSVP!" People! Please, please, please - let me know if you are or are not coming!

D#1 wants to go to her favorite mexican food place for her b-day which is the same day as Father's day. Works out well - since it's my dad's favorite place also! Runs in the family, I guess... She complains that the only mexican food on the island is Taco Bell - which we all know is NOT mexican food - but something else. When you can buy food that cheap - is it even really food?

On the knitting side - I'm making progress on the Dropped Stitch Tank for the Fitted Knits Along. I'm to the point of splitting to top of the front, and I haven't been knitting that much on it. It's a super quick knit - but I need to be more disciplined about spending more time on it. I did start making the top down bonnet from Hello Yarn. In fact, it's the first time I've used the figure 8 cast on and now I know I can make socks from the toe up!!! Funny how you think "that's just too hard... or too time consuming" and then you learn a new technique - it's really much easier than you thought... come on - if you can figure out how to knit you can certainly figure out how to do everything else that goes along with knitting! So anyhow - I made the bonnet for a newborn and decided it was just to small - not for a newborn, of course. But for a baby! I want my hand knitted gift to get ALOT of wear out of it!!! So - I took it all out and cast on again but this time - for a baby. I swear - I will not rip it out and make it for a child.. it would be tooo many years before the baby could wear it and then - the parents, if they are anything like me - would lose it and it would never get worn!!

I'm also knitting a shawl - I think it's called the mermaid shawl - I got the pattern at Babetta's. Only the best yarn store in town!! The shawl is pretty mindless knitting - but I need something for when the office gets cold.

And I need to finish up the tank I'm doing for D#2. I'm such an ADD knitter though - and I love planning new projects. (read: buying new yarn!)

The one thing I am not excited about is this HEAT!!!! It's way toooo hot here - yuck!!

Verse for the day: You were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God's. 1 Corinthians 6:20