Sunday, July 22, 2007

Life is strange...

I don't write here very often... more things to do I guess that keep me too busy? But thought I'd better do a little updating... Life is strange... that is all I can say to start this off...

Yesterday - 7 years ago our house burned down while we were on vacation and all our pets were killed in the fire... a total tragedy that seems like yesterday. I can remember every detail of that weekend... and the weeks that followed... and the horrible grief of losing our loving pets... all of the "stuff" can be replaced - but the pets... well, time goes on and you get new ones - but they are not the same. They have not replaced the old ones. You love them tons and tons - but you still miss the others.

Well - yesterday, J's rat, Ruby, died. 7 years to the day... she lost her beloved Hekekiah 7 years ago and now - Ruby... it's so unfortunate that J is in Hawaii and was not here to be with Ruby in her last hours. She was so afraid that Ruby would not make it the 5 months she'll be gone. Ruby had a tumor that was growing leaps and bounds - but it didn't seem to slow her down - at all. And then, she was gone. We had a little funeral for her in the back yard - the man cried and cried as he loved Ruby just as much as J did... life is strange... and what is with July 21st??

On the knitting front... I have worked and worked on that darn U-shaped vest from Fitted Knits and was actually begining to get close to the end... and then I tried it on. It was HUGE!!! So - I ripped it all out!!! ugh... I hate that!! I'm not sure if it was me thinking I should knit one size or if it was really the wrong size pattern? I should have measured before I ripped -but I was bummed out! So - I think I will set that pattern aside for a bit and work on something else... I hate that!!

On the rest of my life front... I've got exciting news and things going on... can't spill the beans yet - and those that "know" me - already know anyhow... but my life could involve lots and lots of yarn and that is very, very exciting... I am praying and praying and trying to listen to the Lord's leading so that I don't make any major life mistakes - again!

I'm missing the girls something fierce... but I am glad they are together and doing things that young women their age should be doing - living life in an exotic place and having a good time. And it's so nice that they are together!! But - I miss them and the house is to - to - to quiet!!

Well - there you go... that's what's been going on...

Verse for the day:

We are made right in God's sight when we trust in Jesus Christ to take away our sins. And we all can be saved in this same way, no matter who we are or what we have done. Romans 3:22 NLT


Annie Rhiannon said...

Hello from one curly redhead to another.

Sorry to read about the fire, what a tragedy.

Anonymous said...

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