Thursday, May 24, 2007

The First FO of the Blog! Prosperous Green Plum tank!

Well - I finished the Prosperous Plum tank - in green cotton.

I love it!! Love it!! Really...Well...I do love it. Except - that it could be a bit smaller... Cotton! Does it grow on it's own? I've even thrown it in the drier... praying the entire time that I would take it out before - oh my gosh - it's too late!!! Fortunately - you don't have to worry... I could easily have left it in even longer - and so next time - I may just leave it in there for "a while"... I believe that this last time I left it in there for a "few minutes" - just so it wouldn't turn out way toooo small... like that would really happen. BUT - you never know!! I mean - really - do you know for sure that the piece that I just spent hours and hours knitting would not shrink? And then - I would have been totally devestated - my beautifull green tank, that looks soooo good with my Curly red hair - has Shrunk!!! Ahhh - but alas - it just didn't happen. Maybe next time - but I hope not - I really just want it a bit smaller...

About the picture - it's really hard to tell that I've done the WW thing - I think I need to do it again and stick with it - but the candy calls my name... really - it does... mostly the candy that I love the most... reeses peanut butter cups... and Jelly Belly's!! They know my name by heart and sometimes I can hear them the minute I step into the store... I never knew that candy, especially those tiny little Jelly Belly's could scream so loud!!!
About the pattern - if anyone in the world reads this... it's a great pattern!!! Super well written! And it's fun to knit... I get so bored sometimes with knitting and purling.. I know - wash my mouth out with soap!!! How dare I say it gets boring!!! But you know - it does!! But when you start throwing in some YO's, or a few cables... or some short rows... or just anything other than - K, P... it's deliciously delicious!!! Then I really, really enjoy it!!! And this pattern had enough "other things" to keep it interesting - and it was fast!! I'm a slow knitter and this tank took me maybe 2 1/2 weeks total to knit... ok - maybe 3... but no more than that. And I only knit about 1 - 2 hours a day... although the weekends do see more knitting time - but I am a slow knitter! So this is a great knit... just beware of the negative ease and knit several sizes smaller than your "usual" bust size.
There you go - the First FO of this blog!
Thought for the day:
"Stand still and consider the wonderous works of God!" Job 37:14


Susan said...

I don't know. It looks like a perfect fit from the picture! Great job for sure.

Curlyredheadgirl said...

Thanks!! It actually fits really well and I love how comfortable it is - but I do think I would knit it a tad smaller since cotton does tend to grow while wearing. thanks for looking!